The Culture of Cahuilla Band of Indians

Larger Cahuilla
Ethnic Group

The Mountain Cahuilla are a Native American tribe who traditionally lived in the mountains of Southern California. They are part of the larger Cahuilla ethnic group, which also includes the Desert Cahuilla and Pass Cahuilla.
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The Mountain Cahuilla

The Mountain Cahuilla were known for their subsistence economy, which relied heavily on hunting, gathering, and agriculture. They lived in small, dispersed communities and had a communal approach to decision-making and resource management. They were skilled basket weavers, and their baskets were used for a variety of purposes, including food storage and transportation.

Mountain Cahuilla

The Mountain Cahuilla also had a rich spiritual tradition, which was centered around the belief in a number of supernatural beings and forces. These beliefs were reflected in their ceremonies and rituals, which were performed for a variety of purposes, including healing, and the renewal of the natural world.

Native American Heritage Month

The arrival of European settlers in the 19th century had a profound impact on the Mountain Cahuilla, as it did for many Native American tribes. Their land was taken, and they were forced to adopt new ways of life and new forms of labor. However, despite these challenges, the Mountain Cahuilla have managed to maintain many of their traditional cultural practices, and today there are hundreds of members of the tribe.

Overall, the Mountain Cahuilla are an important part of the cultural heritage of Southern California and the United States, and their traditions and beliefs continue to shape their lives and the lives of their descendants.

Cahuilla Culture