Public Works

“The department believes in going above and beyond any measure to meet the needs of our people and administration, so we have reliable infrastructure, committed services, and a beautiful landscape.”
The Public Works Department is a division of the Cahuilla Band of Indians Tribal Administration that was established in 2017 to fill the need of road repairs, general maintenance around the tribal administration, and help with event setup.

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Address | 52701 CA Hwy 371 Anza, CA 92539
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More About Department

Today, Public Works has expanded with several pillars of service. These services are roads and transportation, facilities, parks and recreation, work orders, equipment rentals, and project management. The department is primarily funded through grants from the State and Federal Government, and revenue and taxes from tribal enterprises. The department’s workforce is comprised of a variety skilled tradesman and heavy equipment operators. From civil construction to remodeling, Public Works responds to a vast array of tasks and projects. With an open-door policy, the department welcomes all stakeholders to collaborate and innovate to solve problems and enhance the tribe.


Roads & Transportation

This pillar is responsible for maintaining and updating the Indian Reservation Roads inventory (IRR), which is submitted to the BIA to receive funding for Tribal and BIA roads. The IRR is comprised of Tribal, BIA, County, and State-owned roads that are within the boundary of the reservation or roads that provide access to and from the Reservation. The roads program is responsible for grading gravel roads, repairing/replacing culverts, maintain paved roads, and improving surface conditions on the Tribal and BIA-owned roadways.

Project Management

Public Works manages a variety of projects. While most relate to construction projects, others may involve cyber security and so forth. While the waterfall method is the traditional approach, the department advocates for a SCRUM methodology and an agile mindset when tackling projects.


This is a new service that will be provided to the community starting July 2023. The department will offer quarterly workshops that provide tribal members the opportunity to learn and enhance trade skills. For example, workshops on hand tools, basic carpentry, framing, forming and concrete, etc. The Warehouse will have a dedicated location for training not only staff, but the community through workshops.

Facilities Maintenance

This column maintains the Tribe’s buildings and property assets and protects the Tribe’s investment in a cost-effective manner. Within facilities, the department is charged with plumbing, electrical, HAVAC, and general carpentry maintenance, repair, and new construction.

Work Orders

One of the most rewarding aspects of services are Tribal Member work order requests. The variety of request promote problem solving skills and creativity within the department because we are challenged to execute work order request from variety of needs.

Parks and Recreation

Within this sector, the department is responsible for maintaining Paui Park, Tribal Hot Springs, and the Softball Field. Landscaping and irrigation play a large role in ensuring the beautification of these landmarks stay embellished.

Equipment Rentals

The department has a unique equipment rental program that allows Tribal Members access to rent the Backhoe, Skid steer, and the Skip loader over the weekend when the department is not occupying them. This equipment rental program provides members the flexibility to execute personal projects independently. Furthermore, the department holds an annual certification workshop to ensure Tribal Members are equipped with operating and maintenance skills before renting such equipment.