The Cahuilla Band of Indians Tribe is a Native American tribe indigenous to Southern California, United States. They are one of the oldest, continuously inhabited areas in North America and have a rich cultural heritage.


Cultural Heritage

The Cahuilla people have a long history in the region, and their traditional territory covers a large area in Riverside and San Diego counties, including the San Jacinto and Santa Rosa Mountains. They have a unique language, Cahuilla, which is still spoken by some members of the tribe today.

Rich Cultural Tradition

The Cahuilla have a rich cultural tradition, including songs, dances, and storytelling, which are an important part of their heritage and help to preserve their history and traditions. They have also been known for their basket weaving, which is highly valued and sought after. Today, the Cahuilla Band of Indians Tribe is a sovereign nation and is recognized by the United States government. They have a tribal government and operate several enterprises, including a casino, to support their community. The tribe works to preserve their cultural heritage and traditions, and also provides a range of services to their members, including education and health care.