Aswet Committee

The Seniors and Elders Commitee is to promote cultural awareness of our customs and traditions of the Cahuilla Band of Indians, and to improve cultural ties with other Tribes; also to allow the Cahuilla Seniors and Elders to attend social, cultural events and gatherings.

The Aswet Committee focuses on travel and recreational activities and organizes trips and events that are designed to bring members of the tribe together for socializing and enjoyment. This can include organizing outings to cultural sites, organizing group vacations or trips to attend cultural events or festivals, or arranging for activities such as games, dances, or storytelling sessions.

While this type of committee may not have the same level of formal authority and responsibility as a traditional elders committee, it can still play an important role in promoting social cohesion and well-being within the tribe. By providing opportunities for older members of the community to connect with one another and participate in enjoyable activities, this type of committee can help to reduce social isolation and promote a sense of community and belonging.