Environmental Protection Agency

The Cahuilla Tribal Environmental Protection Office (CTEPO) was founded in 2005 and currently is 100% funded by grants, the General Assistance Program (GAP), Clean Water Act-106(CWA-106), and Non-Point Source-319(NPS-319).



Currently is funded through mostly EPA grants, The General Assistance Program, Clean Water Act 106 (CWA) and Non-point Source - 319 (NPS). Tribal funds are also used to help support the program as well.

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The Cahuilla Band of Indians is a sovereign entity that recognizes the importance of protecting and preserving its reservation's natural resources and of enacting environmental regulations. The Cahuilla Band of Indians recognizes that the lands of the Cahuilla Reservation were created as a homeland for the Cahuilla people. While the Cahuilla Band recognizes that the lands and resources of the reservation will be used and developed for the benefit of the people, the Cahuilla Band also recognizes that such lands must be protected and preserved for future generations to come.

The Tribe on November 12, 2005, passed an Ordinance by the Cahuilla Band of Indians in Preventing the Discharge of Pollutants into the Waters of the Cahuilla Reservation. The Ordinance states in part that “it is the policy of the Tribe to protect the quality of surface waters and groundwater of the Reservation in order to support the efforts of the Tribe to pursue economic development while safeguarding traditional waters, lands and the health and welfare of the Tribe."