Gloria Clark

Meet Gloria, a passionate and versatile Human Resources professional with a wealth of expertise in California and federal HR laws, project management, implementation, development, business partnership, corporate communications, and strategic HR initiatives.

Her educational journey led her to National University in San Diego, where she refined her skills and knowledge, achieving a master's degree in business administration (MBA), a bachelor's in business administration (BA) with a specialization in HR Leadership, and a degree in marketing. But Gloria's qualifications don't stop there; she also brings to the table a background in psychology, granting her a unique ability to cultivate positive employee relations within organizations.

Fueled by her passion for human resources and employee support, Gloria's career boasts 15 years of outstanding contributions across various industries. Her expertise has left a significant impact on sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, mental health, technology, and hospitality.

Joining The Cahuilla Band of Indians team is a privilege that Gloria cherishes deeply. She is excited about fostering strong collaborations and extends a warm welcome to anyone, both within and outside the organization. With her diverse skill set, dedication, and genuine interest in building thriving work environments, Gloria is an invaluable asset in the pursuit of HR excellence.