Larry Barnes

“Waqaa!” (hello) Larry Barnes takes immense pride in his dual Yup'ik and Inupiat heritage, hailing from the great State of Alaska. His tribal roots are firmly grounded in the village of Kasigluk.

With a career spanning over twenty years in the specialized realm of tribal Accounting and Finance, Larry has had the privilege of lending his expertise to numerous tribal organizations throughout Alaska.

Larry's unwavering dedication is focused on enhancing accounting practices and fostering increased transparency within the financial landscape of the Cahuilla Band of Indians. The opportunity to serve as the CBOI Tribal Finance Director is a source of deep gratitude, and he eagerly anticipates a long and productive journey with the CBOI Tribal administration.

Larry expresses his heartfelt thanks "Quyana" ( Thank you)  with a simple yet profound and is delighted to serve as the CBOI Tribal Finance Director.